Why smart brides are going virtual

Virtual Wedding Planning is relatively new, so most couples aren’t even aware that this amazing option even exists. A virtual planning experience gives couples direct access to their very own professional wedding planner from the comfort of their own homes. No longer dealing with the headache of trying to find time in everyone’s busy schedule to meet and make progress planning their event. No more missed work or sitting in traffic. After all, virtual plans are all about convenience.

What makes these plans most popular is they’re more affordable than traditional plans, but just as helpful. While including almost everything you would get with traditional full planning, this option is often less than you’ll pay for a DJ. In many aspects Virtual Planning clients have better access to their planner since the meetings can take place more often due to the convenience. Email, call or video chat with your planner to discuss your event whenever you need and have the confidence of knowing your very own expert is always by your side, virtually speaking.

So why would anyone go the traditional route when such an amazing alternative exists? Well, for starters Virtual Plans are not a great option for couples who have little time to spend planning their event. Virtual Planning clients will need to communicate with and choose vendors on their own, but the beauty is that with websites like theKnot and Weddingwire finding vendors is insanely easy. The hard part is making sure you are getting a fair deal and that the contract is solid, which is what a virtual planner will help you with. So basically, virtual plans have adapted to the times and by doing so have found a way to offer couples a modern wedding planning experience that fits within their busy schedules without compromising their budget. Our Virtual Planning clients love having evening video chats while curled up in their pajamas drinking wine. What a time to be alive!

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  1. splanners Jennifer

    Saw this post and had to comment for anyone thinking about doing this. We’re so happy we chose to go this route. If you’re considering this do yourself a favor and do it. Saved us so much stress and it was super cheap. Plus it was fun to have a wedding planner. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to afford one and Jessica and Bethany are awesome to work with!

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